Sápur - 100% hreinar olíur

2.590 kr
Vörumerki MissNella

Fallegar handgerðar sápur, 100% náttúrulegar.

Virka fyrir allra viðkvæmustu húðtýpur, rakagefandi og mýkjandi fyrir alla. Búnar til úr hreinum olíum.

Þrjár mismunandi týpur í hverjum pakka: 

  • OLIVE OIL, naturally rich and moisturizing, is a gentle everyday cleansing soap that will leave you with soft, clean, moisturised skin. The creamy formula, made with olive oil and nourishing butters, it is a gentle and natural way to remove every day dirt and grime from hands, body and face without stripping the skins’ natural oils. Natural, vegan and cruelty free, this soap is very gentle on skin and does not aggravate even very sensitive or allergy prone skin.
  • LAVENDER, known as the universal soother, is made from a blend of lavender and other moisturising oils to bring a sense of calm and harmony. The comforting formula calms redness and irritation and it’s ideal for sensitive skin. This bar uses shea butter, olive oil and lavender oils for the scent, with zero synthetic fragrances. Cleaning, soothing and providing lush aromatherapy with each wash, this formula is kind to sensitive skin.
  • OATMEAL, light and delicate, creates a rich subtly scented lather. A natural soothing oatmeal and honey soap to smooth and hydrate your skin, perfect for those with difficult skin. Made hydrating honey, olive oil and nourishing shea butter, as well as soothing oats, it gently polishes your skin for a smoother, more refined skin texture without drying it out.